The Showman, the Music, the Stories
The Showman

Here are some photos of Toby, of the shows he's done, and some of the instruments in his repetoire. Click the photo to enlarge.

Percussion workshop for native Cree children Performing at the Kingstown Buskers Festival Panpiping at a Christmas party in Québec Storytelling the music in a school concert
Bagpiping for the kids A unique musical talent (taken from La Presse, June 6th, 1998). Toby playing the pan flute (taken from La Presse, June 6th, 1998). Toby with a Mr. Bojangles

The Music

Originally from Dublin Ireland, Toby plays and sings a wide variety of traditional and contemporary songs from around the world.

"Every musical instrument has its own story, and I use storytelling to explore the magic of musical instruments. Some of these stories are traditional Creation stories, other are of my own creation."
His impressive musical talent for instruments includes the following: All instruments played in clips by Toby Kinsella (click on speaker X to hear the instrument)
  • banjo
  • bendir
  • bodhran(irish drum)X
  • bones
  • bongos
  • celtic harp
  • chinese flutes
  • clarinetX
  • conch shell
  • conga
  • cow bell
  • didjereedoo (australian)
  • djembe
  • domhraX
  • duduk (armenian)
  • dumbek
  • guitar
  • harmonicas
  • irish pipes
  • kalimba
  • kazoo
  • mandoline
  • melodica
  • ney (arabic flute)
  • northumberland small pipesX
  • nose flutes
  • ocarinasX
  • panpipesX
  • recorders
  • saw
  • saxophone (alto)
  • shakers
  • snake charmerX
  • spoons
  • tarkaX
  • temple blocks
  • traverse flutesX
  • trumpet
  • ukulele
  • whistles (tin)